“To the eye and spirit, pictures are just what poetry and music are to the ear and heart.” Federick Douglass

“Tapestry In Blue and Gold"

Hassen Together Every Step Of The Way Craig


“Ghost Ship"

The Nova Scotia we see today may look like one big homogenous piece of rock but it’s more like a puzzle built from different pieces from different times. About 380 million years ago, three separate land masses collided with one another resulting in a province with an impressive and geological diversity. While people might not notice rocks, as stated by author and geologist Sandra Barr, “We wouldn’t do what we do in Nova Scotia if the geology wasn’t like it is. The rocks are part of our lifestyle, they shape our lifestyle here.” For me, as an artist, the metamorphic rock, slate, derived from the shale-type sedimentary rock has shaped my life. The layers, textures and colours, and the stories they have to tell, have drawn me to photograph slate and shale and become a slate and shale visual artist. — Cheryl Hassen

Cheryl’s unique shale photography was first shown in a group photo exhibit called,“Unsensored” Four Fine Art Digital Photographers Share Their World,"at the Lunenburg Art Gallery in Nova Scotia in October 2015.

Each photo is framed in a handcrafted solid wood frame and is available in the sizes shown below or in smaller sizes. A matted unframed photo is also available in various sizes.

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Prices and Sizes

(Also available in smaller sizes with price related to size.

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Soul Island_15” x 32”_$300

One Step At A Time_16” x 24”_$300

Leader and the Proletariat_20” x 16”_$300

Looming Large_28” x 40”_$750

Mural_31” x14”_$500

Iridescent Amber_28” x 40”_$750

Stormy Sea_32” x 25”_$500

Some Things Are Not What They Seem_14” x 18”_$300

Spontaneous Generation_28” x 40”_$750

Bird’s Eye View_26” x 40”_$750

Uncharted Territory_28” x 40”_$750

On Top_ 28” x 40”_$750

Three At Sea_18” x 21”_$300

Surfacing_14” x 10”_$150

Messy Painter_16” x 16”_$250

Spirit Speak 2017