We cannot see ourself. The only way that we can see ourself is in the mirror. And that mirror includes the way that we express ourself.

My voice has been getting increasingly specific. And my message has been getting clearer. It focuses on rock, and on “you rock.” To me, rock is a reflection of strength and strength matters, especially inner strength — going beyond the mind and its chatter, its doubts and fears. And that comes from knowing that you are, not defined by what you do, but just that you are, and that that is good enough.

So I try to Be in my work. Not to be this or to be that, but to explore, discover and express. Perhaps that is why the abstract plays such a strong role for me. It is both defined and not defined. It just is. And part of that statement is the bold, positive, beautiful natural energy of rock, of the extraordinary colours and patterns that are in each and every one of us.” Cheryl Hassen

me in the woods

Cheryl was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. After a long career as a senior broadcast executive with CBC Television in Toronto, she moved to Canada’s east coast where she worked as a Creative Consultant and Executive Producer. She moved from the broadcast world to independent production.

On a working holiday to Mexico, she had a powerful encounter with a Mayan Master Teacher, Miguel Angel Vergara. It changed the course of her life. Along with her sister, Vergara, the former head of Mexico’s ancient site, Chichen Itza, became the subject of Cheryl’s first documentary – "Change You.” She continued to work with him and travelled on five journeys with Miguel. Her inner world of creativity continued to expand and expand.

On one of the journeys, she resonated with the concept of“will” and“willpower”— doing your will. When she spoke of this, she imaged holding a stick that would attract and hold the power and determination that you needed to follow your path in life. She looked for a stick butcouldn’t find one, so she began making them. When Miguel saw her work, he wrote to her, “This is your great time. This is the exact moment you have been expected. Go ahead. Go ahead.” Cheryl’s sticks led to stone designs and later to sculptures, all with a postive theme and healing energy.

Cheryl had also been taking her camera along with her. She discovered her interested in the abstract and eventually parlayed her attraction to rock and especially shale rock, into a fine art. Seeing beyond came naturally to her, literally and figuratively. Her photographs carry the same positive energy and are uniquely stunning in their colour, composition and texture.

Cheryl has called Nova Scotia home since 2008, where daily walks in the woods and on Nova Scotia’s beautiful beaches find her perfectly in her element. You can find her at her studio in Petite Riviere.

Spirit Speak 2018